Catherine is an HMI- Hypnosis Motivational Institute Graduate. She graduated with honors and a recipient of the prestigious Directors Award. Catherine has a Masters in Therapeutic Imagery.

Catherine is a Reiki Master/Teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho & Tibetan System of Natural Healing.

Catherine is passionate about helping others see their inner strengths so that they can reach their peak potential. The power to manifest your desires and master your life with the limitless effectiveness of the Subconscious Mind.

Catherine uses a verity of modalities with her hypnosis sessions such as Therapeutic Imagery, Meditation, Journaling. Energy Work, Reiki, Dowsing and Numerology to guide others to achieve empowerment within themselves so they can achieve the healthy life changes they are desiring


Catherine’s diverse professional back ground from professional photographer to corporate sales trainer and corporate mediator in the finance industry has taught her the power and value of making a strong connection with other and the bond of a strong re-pore. Her ability to connect with her clients building confidences and trust helps her guide them to reach their desired success.

A student of metaphysics Catherine has always focused on empowerment and overcoming life’s obstacles. Having over come her own medical experiences with cancer she now blends the synergy of Body-Mind and Emotions. Specializing is guiding her clients to tap into their inner guidences system and rewriting their life script by retraining their subconscious mind so they may find their life purpose and fulfillment with balance and harmony in Health, Wealth and Wholeness.


Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Motivation Institute
Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy

 Tarzana CA. 91356Awards

 Director’s Award
Hypnosis Motivation Institute – 05/01/2013

 Honor Roll Society
Hypnosis Motivation Institute – 05/01/2013

 Continuing Education Through The American Hypnosis Association

 Therapeutic Imagery- Life Passages, Therapeutic Imagery- Metaphysical Imagery, Therapeutic Imagery- Mythic & Archetypal,Therapeutic Imagery- Advanced Imagery, Diploma in Handwriting Analysis, Principles of Sound Therapy, Thought Form Healing, Holotropic Breathwork, Working with Clients who have Cancer, Pain Management, How to Give a Dynamic Speech, Hypnotherapy and Networking, Natural Healing for Auto-Immune and Thyroid Disorders, Auto-Immune Disorders, NLP Practitioner Certification Training – Empowerment Partnership, NLP Coaching and the Principles of Inner Work, NLP- Time Line Therapy, Emotional Toxins, Muscle Testing


 Reiki Master and Teacher

 Therapeutic Imagery Master

 Past Life Regression

 Smoking Cessation

 Weight Loss

 Sports Performance

 Professional Memberships

 ASD- American Society of Dowsers

 Member Since: 2004

 Hypnotherapists Union Local 472
Member Since: 2012

 American Hypnosis Association
Member Since: 2012

 Toastmasters Quest Club 5727
Member Since: 2013